The information provided on this page is to guide you in the process of running for election as a School District or Community College Governing Board member in the 2016 election cycle. Our school districts and the community college need effective leadership to ensure high quality education programs for school-aged youth and adult students.

The Office of the Gila County School Superintendent is committed to providing you with the highest quality of service and technical assistance throughout the process. Our office works in collaboration with the Gila County Elections Department and the Gila County Board of Supervisors in conducting Governing Board Elections as a part of the General Election, which will be held on November 8, 2016.

In most cases, you will not need all of the materials provided below. However, everything that you might need is provided to familiarize you with the overall process and requirements of a candidate for elective office. The timeframe for filing nomination papers and signed nonpartisan petition signature documents is July 11-August 10, 2016. Please note that the FIRST action you must take is to file a Threshold of Exemption Statement or a Political Committee Statement of Organization with our office. If you establish a Political Committee, you must comply with Arizona's Campaign Finance laws, which include submission of specific documents and filings.

Governing Board Candidate Elections Memo 2016
Handbook for School District Governing Board Candidates_Gila 2016
Governing Board Nomination Petition Instructions 2016_Gila
Governing Board Candidate Statement 2016_Gila
Governing Board Open Positions by District and Petition Signatures Required

$500 Threshold Statement Exemption_2016_Gila
Political Committee Statement of Organization_Gila
Nonpartisan Nomination Paper_Gila
Nonpartisan Petition_071712_Gila_Fillable
Withdrawal of Nomination Petition Affidavit_2016_Gila
Write-In Candidate Nomination Paper_16_Gila

Arizona Financial Disclosure Statements Handbook_2013_final_AZ SOS
Political Committee Period No Activity Report_14
Political Committee Termination_Statement_14_Gila
Guidelines on Use of School Resources to Influence Elections