About Gila County Schools

In 2002, H.B. 2284 was enacted by the Arizona Forty-Fifth Legislature. This was the result of a 12 year effort led by County Superintendents across the State. This Legislation provided for the following:

Designated the office of County School Superintendent as a Local Education Service Agency for the purpose of serving as an Education Service Agency (ESA).

Enabled the ESA to receive and spend Local, State and Federal monies to provide programs and services to School Districts and Charter Schools within the County and other ESA members.

This ESA is under the jurisdiction of the elected County Superintendent of Schools.

Business Administration:

Through discussions with school district personnel and assessment of all site systems, the ESA works with various county officials to have all districts using compatible fiscal management systems and provides professional development for business administrators and staff to assist them in adhering to the Uniform System of Financial Reporting guidelines and other Arizona Department of Education required systems.

Legislative Liaison:

Serving as the lobbying arm of the Gila County ESA, this committee stays current on educational laws and policies that affect the county schools and informs districts as needed. The committee identifies issues that are most pertinent to rural schools and works to actively address the issue with the proper governing entity, whether it be State School Board or Legislature. The committee also works with other state organizations, i.e. ASBA and ASA, to assist districts in keeping current on legislative issues.

Special Projects:

Gila county ESA is a vital part of the community in both educational as well as community special projects. Some of the special projects that are offered through the ESA include: Safe Schools Program, Juvenile Detention Educational Program, and Tobacco Free Environments Program, as well as the many and varied education programs to keep educators highly qualified. Training has been offered to teachers and principals in the areas of math, reading and science standards; reading assessment: technology and data analysis.

Professional Development:

This team, consisting of representatives from each school district, Gila Community College and the County School Superintendent’s Office, has been working in partnership since June of 2002 to ensure coordination of professional development opportunities throughout the county. Working closely with the Special Projects and Personnel Recruitment and Retention Committees, the team works to pool human, monetary and time resources available to its LEA members by collaborating on common professional development objectives each year.

Personnel Recruitment and Retention:

Providing assistance at every level to all school personnel to become and to remain highly qualified this team ensures availability of services, ranging from fingerprinting to certification. Working collaboratively with the Professional Development and Special Projects committees, the team ensures specialized professional development in areas most needed. Applications for both certified and classified staff are available online on the Gila County ESA website at .

Information Clearinghouse:

Providing Gila County Schools with current information pertaining to education issues in different mediums or formats each month, the Information Clearinghouse uses the Gila County ESA website, e-briefs, and time sensitive bulletins via email groups. The website has specific tabs for administrators, teachers, community, and students to be able to locate information that is pertinent to them.

Arizona Instrument to Measure Students (AIMS)

All students, attending an Arizona public school, are assessed in grades 2 - 9 as follows:

  • Students in Grades 2 and 9 take the TerraNova. The TerraNova is a national norm-referenced assessment created by CTB/McGraw-Hill covering language arts and mathematics.
  • Students in Grades 3-8 take the AIMS DPA (Dual Purpose Assessment). The AIMS DPA is a combination of AIMS criterion-referenced assessment questions developed by Arizona educators and based on the Arizona Academic Standards, and questions from the TerraNova, a national norm-referenced test created by CTB/McGraw-Hill.
  • Students in Grade 10 take the AIMS HS (High School) and continue to test twice annually in Grades 11-12 until they have met or exceeded the standard in each area tested. The AIMS HS is a criterion-referenced test with questions developed by Arizona educators and based on the Arizona Academic Standards. It is an assessment of three content areas: Writing, Reading, and Mathematics

The AIMS testing schedule can be found at the following link: AIMS Schedule

For more information about assessments, please visit the ADE Assessment Section Web page.