Title I


The purpose of Title I is to enable schools to provide opportunities for children served to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging State content standards and to meet the challenging State performance standards developed for all children. This purpose shall be accomplished by -

  • Ensuring high standards for all children and aligning the efforts of States, local educational agencies, and schools to help children served under this title to reach such standards;
  • Providing children an enriched and accelerated educational program, including, when appropriate, the use of the arts, through school wide programs or through additional services that increase the amount and quality of instructional time so that children served under this title receive at least the classroom instruction that other children receive;
  • Promoting school wide reform and ensuring access of children (from the earliest grades) to effective instructional strategies and challenging academic content that includes intensive complex thinking and problem-solving experiences;
  • Significantly upgrading the quality of instruction by providing staff in participating schools with substantial opportunities for professional development;
  • Coordinating services under all parts of this title with each other, with other educational services, and, to the extent feasible, with health and social service programs funded from other sources;
  • Affording parents meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children at home and at school;
  • Distributing resources, in amounts sufficient to make a difference, to areas and schools where needs are greatest;
  • Improving accountability, as well as teaching and learning, by using State assessment systems designed to measure how well children served under this title are achieving challenging State student performance standards expected of all children; and providing greater decision making authority and flexibility to schools and teachers in exchange for greater responsibility for student performance.

Parental Involvement

It is the goal of the Gila County Education Service Agency to develop strong partnerships between schools and parents. Parents and schools working as partners increase student achievement and develop positive attitudes about self and school. The key factor in the home-school partnership is the relationship between the teacher and the parent. Teachers are professionals who manage a variety of instructional resources. Parents are essential resources in the learning process of their children. Organizational support from the school boards, district administrators, and school principals enables teachers to effectively develop the partnership.
Questions and issues pertaining to individual students and schools should first be directed to staff at the school level whenever possible. Click here for a list of school and contact information. For information pertaining to Gila County Education Service Agency policies or procedures on Title I Programs, please click here to access the Staff Directory.