Graham County

Education Consortium

The Consortium members consist of the following Graham County school districts:  Discovery Plus Academy, Fort Thomas, Pima, Safford, Solomon, Thatcher, and Morenci School District in Greenlee County.  A Technology grant obtained for the Consortium, written by Eldon Woodall, Business Manager of Fort Thomas School District and Mary Lou Gannon, Consultant and administered by the Graham County School Superintendent’s Office, made it possible for the Consortium members to accomplish the following:

  • Install Distance Learning Classrooms (DLC).  The DLC’s are connected to Eastern Arizona College making it possible for high school students to enroll, take part and receive college credits without leaving the high school campus.
  • EAC classes providing teacher training in current computer applications.
  • NAU classes providing teacher training on using technology in the classrooms.
  • Helping Graham County update and provide wireless communications to the schools as well as contributing to their fiber optics infrastructure.