Works cooperatively with the Pinal County Elections Department in overseeing school district related elections.

Forms and Links

New and Prospective School Board Member Information from the Arizona School Board Association
   Interested In School Board Service? - Understanding the duties, responsibilities and legal
   requirements of running for and holding office as a school board member.
   Becoming a School Board Member - A guide from the Arizona School Boards Association,
   an organization committed to quality leadership and advocacy for children in public schools.
   Video Becoming a School Board Member - A video to help learn more about becoming a
   school board member.

2018 School Board Election Packets and Forms
   Candidate Website Form
   Election Packet
   Election Write-In Packet (currently not available)
   Important Dates
   Nomination Petition

School Board Recall Forms
   Application For Recall Petition Serial Number

Political Committees
   Political Committee Campaign Finance Report
   Political Committee No Activity Statement
   Political Committee No Activity Statement (annual)
   Political Committee Statement of Organization
   Political Committee Termination Statement


Pinal County School Office ESA
75 N. Bailey
P.O. Box 769
Florence, AZ 85132-0769
Phone: 520-866-6565
Fax: 520-866-6973



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Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT).…