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The Pinal County School Office Education Service Agency is committed to working cooperatively with agencies throughout the state in identifying and serving the educational needs of Pinal County. PCSOESA strives to accomplish this through leadership and partnering to offer a wide range of educator and student centered services in the following areas: fiscal services, school elections, professional development, information technology and data processing, and accommodation schools and programs.


1 Government Procurement Alliance was formed as a non-profit organization to assist businesses and government entities to work together effectively. Our background in the business world and in government procurement gives us a unique opportunity to really listen to what public entities need to be efficient, and introduce best business practices that translate into savings.
Public and private schools, cities, counties, states, colleges, universities and Native American communities can take advantage of 1GPA’s existing contracts to purchase the goods and services they need, from local and national vendors. With the assurance of knowing their contract is compliant with state procurement laws and regulations.
And 1GPA contracts offer real solutions that translate into actual budget savings. Give us a call, we’d like to tell you more.


Pinal County School Office ESA
75 N. Bailey
P.O. Box 769
Florence, AZ 85132-0769
Phone: 520-866-6565
Fax: 520-866-6973



Nov 26 2014

Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT).…