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Workshop Topics:

Keeping Students Engaged and Motivated

This workshop is designed to provide an understanding of the role teachers play in creating a positive school and classroom climate that leads to student success and collaboration. Teachers will explore strategies to engage students to learn, strategies for turning a disruptive classroom around, and ideas for establishing classroom boundaries to achieve educational and social expectations.

Student Responsibility in the Learning Process

Helping students understand the role they play in creating a positive school and classroom climate is a challenge that can lead to gains in the learning process, the social process, and school success. Session participants will learn and practice powerful strategies for helping students take responsibility for their own behavior and learning.

Differentiation of Instruction in Classroom Management

Once thought to be considered as an intervention for low achievers, differentiation of instruction is now known to contribute to the success of students of all ability levels. Classroom behavior problems often are the result of academic underachievement due to a multitude of reasons, actions, or attitudes on the part of the learner. This session explores strategies and techniques for differentiating instruction that can have a positive impact on classroom and school climates.

Starting Out on the Right Foot: Classroom Rules and Procedures

Getting the academic environment started on the right foot at the onset of the school year can prevent confusion, repetition of inappropriate behaviors, and establish a healthy classroom climate. Participants in this session will develop an understanding of the vital role classroom rules and procedures play in creating school and classroom climates from the start. The class will also provide suggestions, practice, and strategies for implementing and effectively applying rules and procedures in the classroom. Participants will discuss and share methods for structuring and organizing a classroom to achieve maximum student learning time.

Discipline and Consequences in Classroom Management

This workshop is designed to create an awareness of the role discipline and consequences play in establishing a healthy learning climate. Participants will learn strategies for implementing effective discipline and consequences within a positive learning environment. Teachers will explore the methods of communication required to influence a disruptive/uncooperative student.

Keys to Developing Positive Teacher and Student Relationships

Building a positive and healthy relationship with today’s learners poses challenges and tests a teacher’s creativity to achieve a balance of respect among students and teachers. A teacher’s relationship with his students plays a major role in creating a motivational climate designed for student success. Participants will learn strategies for building purposeful student relationships to bring out the best in each learner.


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