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The Pinal County School Office Education Service Agency provides service and support for student success. We support educators through a collaboration of services, resources, and funding to improve teaching and learning.

The Writing Academy

The Writing Academy is a professional development opportunity AZ/ESA grant funded through the Arizona Department of Education. Participants will attend monthly activity-based training sessions designed for Pinal County educators of Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. Using research-based, student-directed activities, teachers will build a foundation for development and maintenance of a school-wide writing system.

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Shelley Fetsco
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Services Provided:

The Writing Academy
The Writing Academy is a three-year program funded by an AZ/ESA grant which is designed for teachers of Grades 3-6. The program supports teachers in the process of becoming teacher leaders in the area of writing at the school sites. Participants receive monthly research-based professional development training sessions, coaching, site visits, resources and materials, and strategies to use with their own classes. Student writing achievement data will be collected over the course of each year. The program also assists with the development of school-wide writing programs to facilitate writing achievement throughout all grade levels.

Writing Metacognition
This workshop provides the context for students to develop self-regulatory skills as writers. By developing strategic knowledge which is transferrable across writing tasks and other academic domains, students learn to organize their writing and improve its communicative power for others.

Teaching Grammar for Writing
This workshop will provide a structure for introducing and reinforcing English grammar naturally as students become competent writers. Grammar is basic to writing and can enrich and enhance our students’ writing. The workshop will focus of identifying which grammar rules and concepts are essential for students to know to become competent in the writing process.

6+1 Traits of Writing—Overview and Holistic Rubric
Research indicates a strong connection between competence in the writing process and success in content areas. The 6+1 traits of writing support, enhance, and bring vitality to a written piece of work. Training includes an overview of the six traits into the writing process and techniques for effectively and systematically teaching and assessing student writing pieces. Particular attention will be given to the holistic rubric based on 6 traits of writing.


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